The New Community Developer Who’s Rooted in Your Community

Welcome to Kerstiens, your trusted partner in crafting communities that feel like home. Our commitment to excellence spans over 60 years, and we’re thrilled to introduce our latest endeavors – housing developments designed with your lifestyle in mind. Discover the difference of Kerstiens’ subdivisions, where convenience, thoughtful planning, and customization options come together to create the perfect community. 

Convenience Redefined in Our New Housing Developments

At Kerstiens, we understand that location matters. Our communities are strategically situated to offer unparalleled convenience, ensuring that you’re never far from the amenities that matter most to you. From schools and parks to shopping and dining, our housing developments cater to your lifestyle, providing a seamless blend of accessibility and tranquility. 

Meticulously Planned New Subdivisions

Step into our subdivisions, and you’ll immediately notice the meticulous planning that sets Kerstiens apart. Every aspect of our communities is carefully designed to enhance your living experience. Well-planned layouts, green spaces, and community amenities contribute to the overall charm and functionality. 

Deed Restrictions, Covenants, and Homeowners Associations (HOA)

Kerstiens is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and value of our home developments. Our housing developments come with deed restrictions and covenants, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious neighborhood aesthetic. The presence of a homeowner’s association (HOA) further guarantees that your community remains pristine and well-maintained. The HOA is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents, promoting community events, and overseeing the adherence to community standards. 

Your Dream Home, Your Way

In our communities, the power is in your hands. Choose from a selection of Kerstiens’ thoughtfully crafted home plans or collaborate with us to custom design your dream home. Our team of experts is dedicated to turning your vision into a reality, ensuring that your home is a true reflection of your unique lifestyle. 

Explore Our New Communities Today

Whether you’re in search of move in ready home or custom floor plans, Kerstiens has the answer. Join us in creating a future in one of our housing developments. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover the Kerstiens difference – where community building meets your aspirations. 

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