Warranty Service

Kerstiens Homes & Designs warrants your new residence for a period of two years from the closing date. This warranty is for the original buyers only and is intended to cover any structural, mechanical, or electrical problems that may arise due to defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover any damages due to misuse, accidents, failure to maintain, or negligence on owners part, or natural occurrences. Contractor provides no additional warranty, express or implied, and the warranty provided is limited to the cost of repair. Contractor shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages for any reason.  A written limited ten year warranty against leakage thru the walls will be provided to the owner from the contractor for the “Elastikote” or similar basement sealant system.

Has your home been built within the last 2 years? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered! As with the construction of any home, there is a slim chance that some settling will occur. It is nearly impossible to look into the future to see these situations before they occur. However, if you experience settling or other mechanical situations that need professional attention, please feel free to contact one of the sub-contractors listed below. The sub-contractor will address your situation in a timely manner and correct the issue at hand. Please do not hesitate to contact these people if you feel something in your new home needs attention.

Misc. Repairs:

  • Mike Lechner  812-630-4802
    Kerstiens Homes & Designs
    901 Newton St., Jasper, IN


  • Schroering Heating, Plumbing & Air-Conditioning
    2145 S. State Rd. 162, Jasper IN 47546
    Office: 812- 482-2466, Phil 812- 630-9096 or Chris 812- 630-9097

Lighting or Floorcovering:

  • Steinkamp Home Center
    1000 North Main Street, Huntingburg IN 47542
    Tisha Marino 812-683-3860
  • The Home Depot
    4250 Newton Street, Jasper IN 47546
    Beth Wittmer 812-481-0402 or Jake Wininger 812-653-6639


  • Krempp Lumber Co. & Home Center
    216 Main Street, Jasper IN 47546
    Amelia Henke 812-482-1961


  • Al Barkley: 812-630-0187
    Kerstiens Homes & Designs
    901 Newton St., Jasper, IN


  • Steinkamp Home Center
    1000 North Main Street, Huntingburg IN 47542
    Jeff Souders 812-683-3860


  • Keusch Glass
    403 23rd Street, Jasper IN 47546
    Tim Keusch 812- 482-2566 or 630-3510


  • T & T Roofing, Inc.
    9750 South St. Rd.161, Holland IN 47541
    T.J. Montgomery 812-536-3057 or 812-630-8884


  • Tom’s Lawn, Garden & Appliance Center
    719 W 6th Street
    Jasper, IN  47546
    Brian Gehlhausen 812-634-1950


  • Brescher Landscaping
    PO Box 116, Ireland IN 47575
    Dan Brescher 812-309-0914 or 812- 482-3946

Basement Waterproofing:

  • Superior Waterproofing and Roofing
    1904 N. North Main Street
    Sullivan, IN 47882
    Bryon Montgomery 812-240-4671
  • Knepp Builders
    7338 E 500 N
    Montgomery, IN 47558
    Joe Knepp 812-787-0673
    Office 812-486-3512

If you need anything else, call Todd or Al at 812-482-5072.